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Nothing Is Impossible...If You Were Born to Achieve it, but if You Loose Vision.. You Forfeit Your Calling.

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Here at the Dr. C.A. Botchway Vision Builders Foundation we are inspired and excited about Vision Building.  Each one of us was personally mentored by Dr. Christian A Botchway himself and learnt from the motivator himself the importance of being able not only to be able to identify and see a vision and bring it into being, but also being able to engage others in the journey, as in doing so one wittingly or unwittingly mentors and trains others in the art of vision building.
Dr Christian A Botchway  who was not only the founder of Ghana's first dental school but also a visionary and a mentor to other. There was no problem he did not tackle when he could see the end product, but more importantly he had the ability to encourage and motivate others through some pretty difficult terrain.. such as the building of the first dental school in Ghana.
Mrs. Lucille Botchway was the Stabilizer of every vision that was birthed. She did not enjoy being in the lime light but was an integral and essential force for every vision that was birthed. It was she who worked tirelessly behind the scenes doing practical mundane tasks that ensured the thriving of each vision. It was her to networked and taught us the merit of being methodical, practical, and achieving balance. It was she who taught us her mentorees much by insisting we do the work required for the enjoyment. 

The Dr Christian Ayebeng Botchway  Story

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Dr Christian Ayebeng Botchway was born in the Gold Coast West Africa on the 4th of December 1934. He attended the Elite Achimota College and had planned to pursue medicine but an illness of chicken pox prevented him from attending the interviews. He was mentored by his relative the famous Dr Morton ( physician to Kwame Nkrumah) to apply for dentistry a profession very little known  of in the then Gold Coast. He pursued dentistry at Kings College Dental School in England and returned to Ghana as a pioneer dentist who was immediately sent to the forest regions of Ghana where he was immensely popular as the dental officer for the region. He later attained a masters Degree in the university of Toronto and A PHD in Manchester University.

His vision however was to set up the first ever dental school in Ghana. For this cause he dedicated his days at the university to negotiate , brainstorm advocate and breakdown the believe systems in the medical quarters that declared dentistry to be a low priority in the ever changing political climate.


Whilst battling to set up the dental school he built and set up with much toil a dental clinic on the coast of Ghana at Teshie Nungua to service the population of the surrounding area  whose population might not have have had dental care otherwise. Known for his "no problem" attitude  many travelled many miles to see him . Despite many challenges Dr Botchway's courage and hard work paid off and he set up the  Ghana Dental School  in the mid nineties.


The building of the dental school  as well as his own clinic clearly outlines his strategic and  disciplined mind set and sets him apart as one of Ghana's foremost visionary thinkers  and doers. 

Dr Botchway after an illness  retireed  to Alberta Canada in 2015  and immediately began planning his next vision which was aligning his dental clinic with a university to be used for the continual academic contribution of his nation which he loved so dearly. 

This in itself was a difficult task, but he was tireless in search of a University that shared his vision of education mentorship international collaboration and prevention. In 2016 he donated his property to The University of Health and Allied Sciences an act of philanthropy seldom  seen in Ghana.

His clinic which is a historical emblem of this remarkable visionary stands today on one acre of prime land donated to the university awaiting transformation into the historical educational preservation piece he envisioned . His legacy is vibrant and alive in us the witnesses and the narrators of his story of vision and love for his nation.

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