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We are researchers and  preservers of History, scribes of stories of our past present and futurhe , in short, our life path. Not only are these stories invaluable to motivate and encourage us on our journey of vision building but they are useful to help us discover our identity and ground us in the knowledge of the importance of service to others and to our communities as we have stood on the shoulders of others to get here. This is the education we offer and disseminate in the form of  seminars, courses  essays writings, folk songs poetry and art. We are vision builders 

Our mentor, Dr Christian Ayebeng Botchway's legacy is one of Visionary building. His mentoring of hundreds  of students through the years attests to the power of mentorship, the use of stories and history to inspire and to teach and to educate as well as the vital importance of marrying our education with the clear and consise knowledge of our history and identity. These things are necessary for the phase of transformation of our communities.

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